Politics Of Stupidity In Egypt

The Middle East is trapped in anger which prevents those whose responsibility is to reach out for peace to reach back into their past in order to discover hate. A French film festival invited some Egyptian filmmakers to sit on a jury which evaluates films, but they decided to resign rather than judge an Israel film entry. Their rationale was as a loyal Egyptian it was impossible to have any normal relations with the state of Israel. Their decision raises interesting concerns as to whether the behavior of a nation should determine whether its artists, intellectuals, or writers should have their work evaluated based on who runs the government. If one adhered to that rule, anti-Nazis in Germany would have been denied opportunities to express their dislike of the Hitler regime.

Ironically, Egypt is run by a semi-dictator named Mubarak. Should all Egyptian films be denied entry to contests since the world opposes dictatorial run societies? Egyptian intellectuals should stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Israelis who are working to end abuses in their democratic society