Politics, Turkish Style

I am an inhabitant of the United States of America. I am an American so reading about politicians who have no respect for anyone other than self, is not news. The Republican candidate for the US Senate defined “compromise” as meaning his opponent accepted  his ideas. In Turkey, Prime Minister Recept Erdogan has been engaged in a campaign to compel all opponents to go along with his ideas or face not merely being expelled from Parliament, but being sent directly to the nearest prison. Erdogan’s rival is Republican People’s Party leader Kemal Kilicdarglu, who,for some reason still doesn’t get the message that opposing the Justice and Development Party can be dangerous to one’s health and safety. Erdogan finally had enough of someone making nasty remarks about him and uttered an old Bedouin phrase: “As a matter of fact, whenever Kilidaroglu denigrates the government, praises for Turkey come from the world.” And, he added a coment about his opponent: “the ill-fated Bedouin will be fucked by polar bears in the desert.”

His buddy responded with a comment onecan readily hear in the US Senate, “I don’t understand such things, I just fucking move on.” I think it is time for everyone to move on.