Polling Fraud In Russia? In Putin Russia?

There are rumors being circulated by the CIA or Mossad claiming there was electoral fraud in Russia which allowed Prime Minister Vladmir Putin’s party to gain a victory in parliament. We have no idea how such ideas could be spread about voting in Russia. Russia under Putin is a democracy, if you doubt this statement, just ask Vladmir. For some reason, he failed to communicate the standing order about no fraud to President Dimitry Medvedev who may “disagree with statements heard at (protest) meetings,” but has “given the order that all cases from polling stations that suggest electoral law may have been broken, should be investigated.”

Why would anyone investigate electoral fraud in Russia? Doesn’t everyone know that Russians vote in order to confirm what Vladmir says is so? And, when he says there is no electoral fraud, it is so! Just ask Vladmir Churov, head of the electoral commission. He exposed protesters who filmed alleged  voting fraud by noting these pictures were filmed in apartments which tried to fool people by pretending they were polling stations.

I am a Putin man. There is and never will be any electoral fraud in Russia. How can Putin winning be a fraud? Everyone knows he HAS to win!