Polygamy Next Rights Battle?

Thirty years ago, the average American would have been shocked at the prospect that homosexuals would be given the right to marry, let alone given the right to a job or to hold public office. For someone like myself who considered himself a fighting liberal and supporter of equal rights for “all,” the “all” simply did not include homosexuals. Confession, as a teenager my friends and I would wander down to Greenwich Village to taunt homosexuals who were regarded as fair game in the harassment game of life. So, what about the idea that polygamists one day will be granted equal rights to marry and have a gay old time living as members of a community? Examine the situation:

1. Polygamists want to marry.

2. Polygamists enjoy having large families.

3. Children of polygamists are denied the right to have open love from adults whom they regard as members of their family. Why?

4. Polygamy is a choice, it is not forced on anyone.

5. The end result of polygamy is improved family life.

I await the struggle for equal rights for all polygamists. Their time has come.