Pompous Chavez Pouts For Power

Hugo Chavez was told by a large number of his Venezuelan citizens in last week’s local elections of their disappointment in his policies and his drive for complete power. As oil prices drop and the revenue he has been using to bribe his way to friendships all over Latin America begins to drop, the egomaniac leader is once again pushing to change the constitution so he can remain in power forever and a day. “I’m ready to be with you until 2021,” he told the nation, and, of course, when 2021 arrives, he will be ready to serve another ten years because his goals have nothing to do with enriching the lives of Venezuelans–it’s all about his personal quest for power. Least year the referendum to allow him to serve and serve was defeated and last week even poor sections of the capital rejected his party.

The people of Venezuela want a democracy. Hugo Chavez, may in the past have desired to create a more democratic society, but power corrupts, and his continuance in office is merely an example of furthering his personal corruption as he strives to create a corrupt government whose only real agenda is –POWER.

  • http://antipatrioticvenezuelan.blogspot.com Julia1984

    Power does corrupt. But Chavismo continues to be big in my country. Despite that, I hope your words about the desires of the people of Venezuela are true.