Pooh Pooh Putin!

It is increasingly clear that President Putin is trapped in a time warp and can not shake off his KGB training or philosophy. Critics of his regime are beaten, arrested and tortured like in the good old days of Lubyanka prison. Russian TV reporter Vldadimir Pozner who works at a station which is a firm supporter of the president finally reached the point in his life of shouting anger at the growing authoritarianism in his nation.

Pozner was furious at reports that an anti-Kremlin critic, Leonid Razovzzhayev was arrested for protesting and then  forced to sign a confession that he organized anti-Putin rallies. The new version of the KGB threatened a man who was in chains that if he did not sign the statement that would harm his family. As Pozner commented there are thousands of such “confessions”if not millions in the archives of our beloved KGB. “And, it is well known how these confessions were obtained.”