Poor Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is on a campaign to prove that he did not take drugs, and even if he did take drugs it is all the fault of the New York Yankees who wanted him to be destroyed so they would not pay the $87 million that is owned to this honest man of the hour. He has charged the New York Yankees for attempting to sabotage his health recovery, Every so often one wonders how these young men–now middle aged Alex– summon up these rambling stories of woe and anger. The rich men of sports feel entitled to do whatever they so desire because the public wants them to succeed, particularly if they play for the home team. Mr. Rodriguez is very talented, of course, we will never know how much of his talent stems from drugs and how much from natural ability. The evidence is overwhelming that Alex took drugs. He sort of admits to taking something and then denies he took anything only to argue that he no longer takes anything and why is the world against him?

I have no idea why the world hates poor Alex. However, when he hits a home run Yankee fans applaud his efforts. But the constant whining and complaining only denigrate this man who once stood tall in the field of baseball. If one is unable to stand up and take responsibility for actions the end result is derision.