Poor Are With Us

Life in America all too often results in a distorted view of the world. I thought American wealthy folk were the only greedy and self centered folk in the world so it was good news to learn such people are common in every section of the world. Almost half of all women in Australia and one third of men earn less than $18.40 and hour–Aussie wage. Naturally, part time “workers” get the benefit of not so much work so they feel assured the problem of high income will never appear in their lives. About 44% of women are in the low income group. Frankly, if most Americans could earn $18.40 an hour in 2013 they would be happy to be rising into the middle class.

I feel comfortable knowing that in another country wealthy folk can spend their lives knowing the problem of high income does not enter their home. Fox News has made me understand that if people make a lot of money they pay a lot of taxes and this inevitably results in winding up in the poor house. I certainly to not wish to take away opporunitiers from poor folk to be poor and thus never have to endure the plight of too much money and high taxes. Low pay means low income means lower taxes(unless one has good tax preparers), and lower life happiness. Be happy, be poor!