Poor Barack, All Alone In Life

These days one wonders if President Barack Obama even wants to get up in the morning. He ran for office with the pledge that if elected, government secrecy and deceit would end. He ran for office promising to be a more transparent administration. He ran for office promising to restore good relations with nations of the world. He ran for office promising to be an effective government promising to be open to diverse views. Even those who serve the president are blasting him for his incompetence and ineffectiveness. Michael Hayden, a top spy guy was caught by a reporter blasting his chief.

The question of the hour and one that will haunt future historians of the Obama legacy is why such an intelligent man is so inept at leadership. After three years he couldn’t even launch the idea that was the center of his program without one glitch after another. Moat probably he became trapped in the bureaucracy of Washington D.C. He forgot that he represented the American people and focused on his own self importance.