Poor Mitt Insulted By Obama!

A wealthy donor to the campaign of President Obama is upset at the vicious, unprofessional comments made concerning offshore bank accounts of Mitt Romney. I gather from this donor Barack Obama should conduct this presidential campaign adhering to the same standards as those followed by his opponent. So, Obama attacked Mitt’s placing his funds in offshore havens. Now, what have Republicans said about President Obama?

1. He was born in Kenya and his birth certificate is forged.

2. He is a Muslim.

3. He is a Socialist.

4. The Affordable Care Act is an attack on free enterprise. Of course, this law gives health insurance companies billions of dollars in profit. Some attack on free enterprise.

5. Obama is weak on fighting terrorism

6. Obama is too fixed on fighting terrorism.

7. Obama hates Wall Street. Of course, they are receiving records profits. Some hatred-boy, I could use some.

This election will be conducted by Republicans using every smear, lie and hysterical claim. If one is fighting a bully, the fight will be dirty.