Poor Rupert, No One Likes You Today!

I am beginning to feel sorry for poor Mr. Rupert Murdoch who is being assaulted by men who used to be his dinner pals. After a former British prime minister told parliament that he was threatened by Rupert Murdoch, Nick Clegg, head of the Liberal Democrats informed the Leveson committee that the Murdoch crowd also threatened him. Murdoch was bidding to own the BSkyB media outfit and his cronies made clear to Clegg, “I was told that it would be good for the Liberal Democrats to be open on the bid, otherwise we would expect no favorable treatment from the Murdoch press.”

Clegg insisted that was the gist of what Norman Lamb, his senior parliamentary aide was told. I am certain Rupert will deny that either he or any of his folk made such statements. Rupert will charge this is simply another effort by Socialists and Communists to destroy the free enterprise system.

I guess the reader has to believe either Clegg or the Murdoch folk.