Pope Apologizes For Recent Events With Holocaust Denier

Pope Benedict XVI sent a letter to Roman Catholic bishops concerning the recent controversy that was sparked when he readmitted British Bishop Richard Williamson back to the church only to spark a world wide controversy over the Holocaust denier views of the bishop. He admitted the Vatican failed to do its job of checking facts and knowing about the Holocaust views of
Williamson and at least having serious conversations with the man prior to announcing he was being readmitted to the church. Of course, this was only one of several recent incidents in which it appears there is a lack of serious and comprehensive investigation prior to making statements.

No one believes that Pope Benedict is a Holocaust denier, but failure to adequately understand the views of Bishop Williamson resulted in the present controversy. Is one of the problems the lack of differing views among those in the Vatican which can lead to the lack of someone yelling the emperor is without clothes? Perhaps, it is time for the conservative Pope Benedict to include more liberal views among those who daily interact with him on issues.