Pope Benedict–It’s Gays Who Threaten Planet Earth

The world is experiencing a severe economic downturn which has led to the loss of jobs and incomes on the part of millions. Global warming continues with large areas of polar regions undergoing being turned into areas in which farming could begin. But, to Pope Benedict, the real enemy of humankind is– homosexuality!! In a Christmas address he said humanity had to listen to the “language of creation” to understand the roles of men and women, and that any gay or lesbian behavior was “a destruction of God’s work.” He called upon the Church to protect man from the “destruction of himself” and said that might be even more important than destruction of the rainforests. Rev. Sharon Ferguson of he Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement termed the Pope’s remarks, “totally irresponsible and unacceptable in any shape or form.”

There are many societies in which being a gay or lesbian poses threats of being murdered by fanatical haters of anyone who is not “right” about sexual orientation. The remarks of he Pope are shocking because he is in one form or another giving credence to those who wish to kill homosexuals. He is spreading fear at a time when a head of a church should be spreading he word of Jesus Christ to love one another. It is remarks like this of the Pope that eventually will result in formation of an American Catholic Church.