Pope Benedict XVI Defends WW II Pope

Pope Benedict XVI once again defended World War II Pope Pius XII of doing all he could to save the lives of Jews from Nazi terror. He argued that the controversial cleric had assisted Jews and saved thousands from Nazi extermination. Although, he did not mention the name of Pope Pius, it was clear his statement that Catholic efforts to save Jews had “tragically reached as far as Rome.” Unfortunately, that while the record is clear many Catholic priests and nuns did help save Jews, the silence of Pope Pius can not be ignored. What would have happened if the Pope, as did the King of Denmark, went into the streets and worn a yellow star? What if Pope Pius had excommunicated Catholic Adolf Hitler? He made no public statement concerning the killing of Jews nor did he excommunicate Catholic priests who cooperated with the Nazis.

To make matters worse, over 300 priests such as Father Kolbe of Poland were sent to concentration camps and Pope Pius did nothing to help them. Some, like Kolbe, were killed and there was no statement from the Pope about murdering Catholic priests. And, this is the person, Pope Benedict seeks to make a saint?