Pope Blames Church, Not World!

One report after another concerning abuse of children by priests in the Catholic church, and the response, so far, has been to criticize the messenger, not the culprit. Pope Benedict XVI in an interview in Portugal finally uttered words of sense and responsibility. He told the world, “the greatest persecution of the church doesn’t come from the enemies of the church, but is born from the sins within the church.” He said it was time for members of the church to take responsibility for their actions and work toward change. Although this was the first statement on his part that looks within rather than without, it was not matched by any positive course of action.

The first step in dealing with sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is to revisit the decision of celibacy which came hundreds of years after the death of Christ. Jesus never spoke about any need on His part for priests to be celibate. If it was good enough for Jesus, why not allow priests and nuns to marry?