Pope Can’t Catch A Break!

Do you ever get the feeling Pope Benedict XVI would be assisted by the presence of an intelligent public relations group? The Pope scheduled a visit to England and little did he expect the outburst of anger at his arrival. It began when a close associate shot his mouth off to the media about the entire nation the Pope would visit. Cardinal Walter Kamper warned the Pope: “when you land at Heathrow you think you have landed in a third world country.” We assume he was referring to the number of people who have arrived from Asian or African nations. But, Kamper felt the need to go on commenting about people and things in the fair country of England. He thinks the environment of the country is being poisoned by “an aggressive new atheism (which) has spread through Britain.” He could not resist commenting that people who wear the cross of Christ face being discriminated against.”

Ironically, it is in Asian and African countries where Catholicism is rising, not in European nations with nice white people. Oh, the Pope’s planners made certain he arrived on Sexual Awareness Week! Please, Mr. Pope, get yourself someone who knows something about public relations!