Pope Comes Out Against Marriage!!

It has always been my assumption that Pope Benedict XVI was a firm believer in the institution of marriage and worked hard to ensure that all had the right to be married. It is therefore shocking to discover the Pope has some reservations concerning marriage, particularly when they entail the right of same-sex people to marry one another. He termed such activity to be “insidious, and dangerous threats to the common good.” I am confused, Sir Pope, if you believe in marriage how can any marriage be against the common good? He tried to clarify the issue by acknowledging his support for traditional style marriage, “the indissoluble marriage between a man and a woman.” Let me get this straight. Pope Benedict is for marriage, but against gay marriage although he is for marriage.

As for his claim about something termed, “indissoluble marriage” I am really lost. In just about every industrial society, nearly one out of two marriages ends in divorce so how could they be “indissoluble marriages?”