Pope Defends God In England

Pope Benedict XVI is in Great Britain in order to spread the word Catholics should believe to in God, the Church, and in their hard working priests. Oh, there are some rumors around which suggest that some priests have not exactly been keeping their eyes on God and allowing their hands to wander, but how can an entire church be condemned for the actions of a few. According to the Pope, the problem is not the Church or priests but rampant atheism which is sweeping England due to “aggressive secularism.” First, take God out of the planet equation and there is no telling where it will lead to in terms of daily life. Pope Benedict made clear the Holocaust is a result of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party making a war on God and Christianity. Of course, this war was led by Christians, many of whom were Catholic, but for some unknown reason they decided to kill Jews rather than Christians. Benedict wants to bring the “G” back in the word of, “od” in order to restore sanity and saintliness to the world.

I have heard many interesting theories as to why the Holocaust came about, but never before did I realize it was due to taking God out of our lives. I await comments from the Pope condemning the Crusades during which thousands of Jews were killed by Christians who were on a campaign to support God. We Jews get killed when God is out of human life and we get killed when the object is to save God. We just can’t win.