Pope Francis: From Pope To Pop Away

I, along with millions welcome the comforting words of Pope Francis who is willing to admit that gays and lesbians are actually humans with normal feelings of love and joy. However, even as he speaks with compassion, there is something missing in his message to those who run Catholic churches or schools or organizations. Each day reveals another example of a Catholic teacher getting fired for announcing love for someone of the same gender or an employee at a Catholic organization being downsized from a position due to love of another, that is love of another who is of the same sex. If Pope Francis is serious, he must take the next step and move on to doctrine and policy. He must become the 21st century Pope John XXIII and bring the Catholic church into the new century.

If fundamental changes do not occur in the Catholic Church it will disintegrate and an American Catholic Church will emerge along with splinter Churches in European societies. It is time for a revolution-imagine two men kissing wearing robes of the Catholic Church