Pope Francis Speaks With Authority

Pope Francis is a welcome change for Pope, and reminds many of Pope John XXIII who sought to open the doors of Catholcism to new ideas. Pope Francis is a man,not only of God, but of the ordinary humans who inhabit this earth. He inherited a mess. He inherited a church confronting issues of homosexuality, of the rights of women, and the future existence of his beloved church. In a recent interview, he discussed the complex issues of gays, abortion and contraception. “We have to find a new balance, otherwise even the moral edifice of the church is likely to fall like a houseof cars, losin freshness and fragrance of the Gospel.” Pope Francis is trapped between those in the church who want to return to a prior era of life, and those seeking to enter a new era of life. He is a Pope without hate in his heart. He is a Pope who understands the Church must make changes, but sill uncertain in which new directions it must go.

Pope Francis understands there must be a “time out”from over concentration about homosexuality among members of the clergy and a time out from denying gays entry into the church. Perhaps, it is time to once again hold a session where members of the clergy examine life in the 21st century. We suggest the presence of nuns at such a gathering of the faithful.