Pope Incorrectly Pontificates About Past

Pope Benedict XVI is an intelligent man, but every so often when visiting Catholic nations which are attempting to become integratedf within the 21st century, he has a tendency to twist history in order to fit into the point being made. The Pope is upset at secular actions of the Spanish government which led to statements that were completely out of context to reality. He claimed: “in Spain a strong aggressive lay mentality, an anticlericalism, and secularization, has been born as we experienced in the 1930s.” He was referring to the rebellion led by Fascist Francisco Franco who over-threw the Republican government and instituted a Fascist dictatorship that was close to Nazi Germany. During the Civil War, about 4,000 priests were killed by loyalist forces which charged that the Church was aiding Franco’s armies. Of course, hundreds of thousands of Spanish people died at the hand of the Fascists, a point never mentioned by the Pope. Comparing laws passed to protect gay rights or seeking equality for women with violence in the Civil War is simply an absurd and insulting comparison.

Rarely does the Pope explain why Catholic nations are passing laws that curb the power of the Catholic Church and accord rights to gays or Jews or Muslims. The Church during the Spanish Civil War took the side of Fascists who were working with Nazi, Germany. It ill behooves a man born in Nazi Germany to defend a dictator like Franco!!