Pope John Paul II Controversy

In past times, it took a few hundred years before the Catholic Church got around to making someone a saint. Just six years after the death of John Paul II he is going to become a saint. His fame stems from opposing communism, from praying with Jews and Muslims and from being a nice, decent human. However, some members of the church are upset at his failure to confront the sex abuse cases which were continually in the news during his reign as pope. Since one must find evidence that the person being termed a saint did something miraculous, the story of a nun who recovered from Parkinson’s disease because of some action on the part of John Paul II is being cited as one piece of evidence that he was more than mortal. Father James Martin, a Jesuit priest and author. expressed the feelings of many: “Years from now people may be saying, why the rush? What we need are fewer popes and priests beatified, and more real lives.”

There is no doubt Pope John Paul II was a brave man. There are millions of brave people who perform daily miracles of survival as well as ensuring their families survive poverty and brutality. On the other hand, how many brave people did nothing to prevent priests from abusing young boys?