Pope OK With Condoms–Sometimes!

Pope Benedict XVI has strongly opposed the use of condoms in any shape, way or form and castigated UN programs to distribute these evil gifts of the Devil. In his view, use of condoms, only “increases the problem,” but he was not clear as to which problem was increased. However, in an interview with a German journalist, the Pope apparently made a shift in his attitude toward use of condoms. He agreed the use by male prostitutes of condoms could be OK and regarded such action as the “first step in a movement toward a different way, a more human way of sexuality.” I am not quite clear as to what he meant by a different way of ” sexuality” but then again, does the Pope.

Pope Benedict is an intellectual, he is a decent man. Now is the time for him to reach out to those Catholics who disagree with many of his social ideas and find common ground. How about working with those who oppose you in a good Christian manner?

  • Name: Mark

    Although strongly agreeing with Fr John also ; I find his ‘disagreement’ with His Holiness somewhat amphibolic and specious.