Pope Pops Silvio For Sex Life!

The Vatican is somewhat upset at their favorite boy, Silvio Berlusconi who has become the symbol of sex going wild. At a time when the Catholic Church would prefer men who are demur and quiet and have nothing to do with sex other than producing little kids with their wives the leader of Catholic Italy is known as a man whose sexual prowess is unsurpassed in the western world. Old women, young women, middle aged women, Silvio is an equal opportunity Lothario when it comes to women. Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco complained the prime minister’s behavior was sowing the seeds of an “anthopological disaster.” He feared young Italians would cease working hard and obey the law in order to seek easy money and sell themselves to the highest bidder. We assume he refers to young women. The Cardinal believes Italians are “horrified” by the conduct of their leader. I have a hunch there are quite a few young, middle aged and elderly types like me who have a secret admiration for a man who continues getting it up despite getting up in age.

Emmas Marcegaglia, head of the Confindustria employer’s federation, complains she spends time when abroad explaining to business executives that all Italians are not like Berlusconi and some actually seek work at other tasks besides bedding young girls. She also fears the government is paralyzed by constantly responding to stories about sex orgies rather than focusing on jobs for those who want to work at other tasks other than sexual ones.