Pope Says Never Untie Knot Of Marriage

Pope Benedict XVI is a good man and certainly he means well. But, every so often he displays a lack of understanding regarding the nature of love and marriage. Statistically, nearly half of Americans and people in Europe make it a point at some time in their marriage to untie the knot and each goes his/her separate ways. According to the Pope, “marriage between a man and a woman”cannot be dissolved” because “fidelity” and never saying “I want out” are consistent with God’s desire concerning marriage.

The Pope’s words would be appropriate if we lived in another time and another place, but this is the 21st century and untie the know of marriage is part of the process of marriage. Saying, “I do” when life expectancy was 45 is one thing, it is another when we live until 78. Sorry, your desire is appropriate, but divorce is also appropriate in modern life.