Pope Vs Mafia?

Leaders of the Mafia are growing frightened of the new man in Rome who claims to have a direct line to the Big Guy up in the sky. For some reason, Pope Francis actually believes that priests should not seek to help members of the Mafia who place their hands in the church collectio box on Sunday in order to pick up a few lira for the week. The Pope’s vow to clean up the church and end the unholy alliance between members of the Mafia and some nice priests who enjoy engaging in money-laundering and other such religious activities. Nicola Gratteri, a noted prosecutor, told the media: “I cannot say if the organization is in a position to do something like this, but they are dangerous.”

The Pope has vowed to clean up the Vatican Bank which allegedly has worked with criminal groups in money-laundering. I am confused. I thought the Mafia had a working arrangement with the guy in the sky. I did see the Godfather films which depict Mafia groups as being very religious.