Pope Warns Of Evils Impacting Africa

Pope Benedict XVI on his trip to Africa warned the people of Angola the African continent faced the “clouds of evil” which he termed to be war, greed, and tribalism. He made a powerful statement about the clouds of evil which he noted are, “the evil of war, the murderous fruits of tribalism and ethnic rivalry, the greed which corrupts men’s hearts, enslaves the poor and robs future generations of the resources they need to create a more equitable and just society.” His words were powerful, but missing from the “clouds of evil” was any mention of the most powerful force playing upon the African continent — the could of AIDS which has caused the death of millions.

Pope Benedict has an opportunity to assist the people of Africa to confront disease, but to do so, he must shift his ideas concerning sexual behavior and support the need for condoms and extensive sex education. Can he be a Pope who cares even if the price is abandoning set beliefs?