Populate Or Perish Warns Catholic Prelate

A prominent Catholic prelate warned the West is facing a crisis caused by failure to produce enough babies which results in non-Christian nations gaining an advantage in the race to see which religious group comes out on top in the baby derby. According to Archbishop of Sydney, George Pell, “there is a crisis in the western world. No western country is producing enough babies to keep the population stable, no western country.” He blamed the lack of babies on “an increase in divorce and there is an increase in serial monogamy.” Naturally, the media was blamed for people not getting together to have babies since it persuades youth that the “modern way” is to be single and not have babies.

When in doubt or when lacking an intellectual explanation of a world trend, the normal approach is somehow connecting the problem to the media or what is wrong with young people. Archbishop Prell simply ignores economic factors such as the current situation in America which forces young people to go deeply in debt for college educations. The prospect of raising children whose education places the family in dire economic situations is not particularly an attractive choice for many young people.

Perhaps, hidden in the message is a fear that Muslims are having more children and this will result in the Muslim religion becoming more powerful. We suspect this is the unstated feeling of this talk.