Pornography And Politicians

The media, including me, have devoted endless columns and pictures and editorials concerning the sexual activities of Congressman Anthony Weiner. Virtually all such comments suggest the congressman is an immoral person because he sent weird twitters and photos that suggest he is either emotional ill or stupid. The most fascinating aspect of this story is the mystery of why a very intelligent man sent the material. As of this date, no one, including Anthony Weiner, knows why this entire episode unfolded. However, there is another side to the story which is also a mystery. Anthony Weiner only did harm to himself, he really did not cause great loss of life or income or standard of living to another human. In fact, there is a strong likelihood his marriage is over and he will have limited contact with the child that apparently soon will be born.

BUT, why is there no outcry about:

Congressman Eric Cantor who told the media the Republican party opposes sending aid to the people of Joplin whose homes were destroyed by the tornado until President Obama cuts the budget? His comment is pornographic. It is vile and disgusting, but the media did not arise in anger at how an important leader of Congress was willing to hurt the lives of Americans.

The entire Republican party which seeks to cut, cut, cut, expenditures for those without work, for the poor and the disabled, but where is a week of constant stories and pictures about this form of pornography?

Mitt Romney who once supported government organized health care and now is against what he supported? This man is willing to have people DIE because he needs votes from morons in the Republican Party, but the media does not blast him day after day.

Anthony Weiner behaved like a schmuck. The Republican Party not only behaves as schmucks, but it hurts the lives of humans and the media remains silent.