Portugal Agrees To Take Guantanamo Detainees

The government of Portugal has agreed to help the Bush administration by accepting some of the Guantanamo prison inmates who fear being returned to their native land will result in torture or death. Foreign Minister, Luis Amado, urged: “the time has come for the European Union to step forward. As a matter of principle and coherence, we should send a clear signal of our willingness to help the US government in that regard, namely through the resettlement of detainees. As far as the Portuguese government is concerned, we will be available to participate.” American officials say many of the 60 who have been cleared fear persecution.

There is something wrong with this picture. SEVEN YEARS have gone by and now the Bush administration has finally “cleared” men who apparently never did anything wrong! It is the responsibility of the United States to provide sanctuary for these men if the Bush government has been unable to prove any wrong doing on their part. How about a program of rendition to any American official who was responsible for falsely charging innocent men with crimes? Hey, Bush, would you like to spend a few days in a Syrian prison getting interviewed?