Possible Triumph For Democracy In Zimbabwe?

The situation is still very unclear and many roadblocks remain before the people of Zimbabwe can obtain the rule of law in their nation. There are reports from Zimbabwe of a possible compromise under which President Robert Mugabe would remain in office but serve as the “ceremonial” head of state while Movement for Democratic Change(MDC), Morgan Tsvangirai, would assume the position of an executive prime minister who would be in charge of the daily operations of the nation. Mugabe’s party, the Zanu-PF are currently engaged in discussions with the MDC and are expanding the negotiation team to include other diverse voices.

The unanswered questions revolve around the power group which surrounds Mugabe, those who control the armed forces and police. Will they gracefully disappear from positions of power and give up the farms and houses they have stolen? Will there be a revolt by these men against Mugabe himself?