Post Assad Syria Issues

President Bashar al-Assad is determined to retain power since he fears allowing free elections will end power of his minority Alawite group which has run the country for nearly forty years. Triumph of Sunni Muslims might result in Alawite flight along with that of Christians who are familiar with the end of Christianity in Iraq due to the Bush invasion. The government of Israel is making preparations for a POSSIBLE flight of Alawites and Syrian Christians who might seek refuge from an angry Sunni government which regards them as traitors.

The good news for Israel is less aid from a Sunni Syrian government to Hezbollah and other terrorist groups. The bad news is that a new group of Muslim and Christian refugees will flee toward the Golan Heights area requiring some form of camps to be built. Last year a group of Syrian protesters hit the Israel border resulting in several being killed.

Perhaps, Syrian refugees could be settled on the West Bank. Heck, everyone is taking land away from Palestinians, why not allow the Syrians to join in the plunder!