Post Bush Chaos

The gold dust trio of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld have left the scene of power, but their legacy of death and destruction lingers on into our current times. Yes, George is cutting wood in Texas, Don is standing up to prove he is a man unafraid of torture, and Dick is mumbling to himself that all problems of life are the result of those damn LIBERALS! The famous “surge” of George Bush supposedly ended violence in Iraq, but so far this year over 700 have been killed, and each passing day witnesses another casualty of violence. Al Qaeda, Shiites, Sunnis, you name the group, they are all fighting one another, fighting any form of authority and Americans are standing by in the wings ready to reassume a leading role in dealing with violence. Iraq Colonel Khadier got into his car, and boom, off went two of his legs, another victim of magnet bombs that are attached to cars which bear the license plate of an official or member of the armed forces. Iraq had been without an effective government for months because Prime Minister Maliki does not want to share power, he prefers chaos and disaster as long as opposition members lack any input into government.

And, off in the distance, Republicans who got America into this mess are moaning and groaning at the inability of President Obama to solve problems they created. I have yet to hear a single intelligent idea from the Republican party on how to handle the upsurge in violence created by lack of an effective government. I guess, at some time, Republicans will blame it on LIBERALS and SOCIALISTS and BIG GOVERNMENT. Of course, conservatives had nothing to do with the war in Iraq!