Post Sochi Will Not Be Peaceful

The Sochi games are concluding and dozens of athletes now possess a gold or silver or bronze medal they can display as proof of their athletic ability. Members of Pussy Riot who dared to sing without permission have some bruises on their bodies and gays in Russia continue to huddle in dark corners hoping that police or thugs do not beat the crap out of them. Tanya Lokshima of the Russian Human Rights organization expects that once all athletes have left Sochi, the people of Russia are in for a dose of Putin the Great proving to one and all that he runs Russia and there is no more need to placate the World by releasing members of Pussy Riot or former businessmen Mikhail Khodorkovsky who was released from prison to prove that Putin was really a warm and gentle man once you got to know him.

She expects a massive crack down on dissidents and homosexuals once those who came to the Sochi games have departed the premises. “When the festivities end, will international partners watch Russia as closely as they are now?” That, is the question of the day and we all know the answer–NO!!