Pot Always Grows Larger In Reality

These days the American government is quite clear that failures in Afghanistan are related to failures of the Afghan government to function effectively and efficiently. However, there is one topic related to the war in Afghanistan which continually is ignored by the American government. Ah,opium. Afghanistan is the major producer of opium and it is a main support for the Taliban. The Taliban simply taxes opium growers even as American forces insist that opium fields be destroyed. Let me figure this one out:

1. I am an Afghan farmer who depends on selling my opium crop.

2. Americans arrive and destroy my opium crop.

3. The Taliban just taxes me.

Guess who I will like? There is currently about 516,000 acres under cultivation, which is an increase of about 36%. The US has spent about $7.5 billion to get rid of opium. Gee, just check with your supplier here in the USA, he will definitely get you the pot you desire.