Potential Suicide Bomber Caught

It has been several years since any Palestinian has engaged in the act of being a suicide bomber. A man wearing a belt of explosives was discovered at the Tapuah junction near Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank. There are two key words in what I wrote-suicide and settlements. According to the original United Nations plan to separate the old Ottoman Empire province of Palestine, areas were set aside for Jews and areas were set aside for Muslims and Christians. The “settlements” are situated in what was supposed to be areas for Muslims and Christians. I do understand the Israel government rarely, if ever, notes that Jewish settlements are in areas for Muslims and Christians.

We thank God no one got killed. Just remember, that when a suicide bombers explodes self, not only Jews may die, but so may other innocent people–Muslims and Christians. There is only one solution that makes any sense–create an independent Palestine centered in what we term, the West Bank. THAT is the only sensible plan leading to peace for -Jews, Muslims and Christians.