Pouring Oil On The Problem

George Bush had his Hurricane Katrina and Barack Obama has his oil slick heading for the Louisiana shoreline. Bush was blasted for his inaction during early stages of the Hurricane and Obama is being criticized for the slow response when oil began leaving an oil rig ad a dozen men were killed in an explosion. Hurricane Katrina caused enormous damage to the city of New Orleans and oil is not only damaging one spot in Louisiana but holds the potential to damage hundreds of miles of shoreline. Ironically, the incident occurred just a week after President Obama, in order to placate conservative Republicans, announced his support for more drilling in waters off the coast of the United States.

The oil spill is an ecological disaster, but failure to work on a non-oil based economy is the real issue. Instead of developing non-oil products, Obama once again caves in to forces of Neanderthal thinking who refuse to think in terms of long term goals. Hopefully, this tragedy can awake Americans to the need to end dependance on oil and create and economy in which oil is not the base of our energy resources.