Poverty Stricken NFL Owners Seek Help

The National Football League is a money machine, that is, except for cities which are compelled by threats to build expensive new stadiums at high cost to taxpayers. All an owner in St. Paul has to do is hint at leaving the cold climate of Minnesota for the warm clime of San Antonio and within months there will be plans ready for a new stadium. Owners of NFL teams enjoy a wonderful TV arrangement which pays them $4 billion whether or not a single game is played. So, our poverty stricken owners are now threatening players with a lockout unless they willingly surrender about a billion dollars in wages in order to ensure our poor owners have enough money to pay the rent on their penthouses. The NFL Players Association believes there is a high probability of a lockout next spring unless players chip in with their money to help out poverty-stricken owners. When it comes to making money, the owners are true Tea Party thinkers– not one penny for players above what owners insist is a fair wage.

Football players are spoiled rich brats who make gobs of money while enjoying playing ball. They fail to grasp in an era in which Sarah Palin is viewed as an economic thinker, their bosses will resort to any gimmick in order to make more money. Most probably owners will blame Barack Obama for their poverty.

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