POW Or Human Being?

The Geneva Conventions makes clear that prisoners of war are to be treated with respect and they have basic rights to be given humane respect for their dignity. Alas, the Bush administration and Congressmen see the world as either good or bad. New legislation would require militarty custody for  captured suspects who allegedly are terrorists. Senator Mark Udall who opposes the bill noted that it would in effect make the military “police, judge and jailer.”

The central issue is the word, “suspect.” Until  someone has been tried and found guilty the person is a “suspect,” not a “terrorist.” To obrtain a  waiver from this requirement of military custody the defense secretary, the secretary of state and the Director of National Intelligence would have to negotiate with Congress. How about recent attempts to get 12 congressmen to agree on anything?

We signed the Geneva Conventions, so let’s abide by them.