Arizona State Senator Lori Klein believes in guns. She carries around a loaded rasberry pink handgun in her purse. After all, she might be walking down a street in Phoenix when she spots an illegal immigrant an then, POW, one more less illegal in her beloved Arizona. She was interviewed by Arizona Republic reporter,Richard Ruelas, when Ms. Klein took out her gun, pointed it at the chest of the reporter and informed him that her hand was not on the trigger. I assume it was a joke, hell, we are in Arizona and what is better fun than pointing guns at the chests of those damn liberal reporters! Actually, Rob Mermelstein of the Phoenix Rod & Gun Club was not amused at her childish antics and described her actions as “unconscionable.”

I assume when Ms. Klein wheeled her carriage around she carried the pistol. After all, if some damn stranger did not think her baby was darling, then POW, and goodbye. On the other hand, I trust she gave gun instructions to the baby in case she was attacked by illegal aliens and the baby could rise from the carriage and blast away. God Bless Arizona!

Jesus, if I was you, stay out of Arizona, they do not cotton too well to alien bearded guys wearing long white robes.