Power Is Issue In Bahrain

People are being beaten, wounded or killed in the country of Bahrain because they seek to establish a more democratic society. The United States is supporting efforts by the King of Saudi Arabia who has sent thousands of troops into the neighboring country in an effort to squash opposition to the ruling monarch. Within moments after people in Bahrain went into the streets of their capital in order to protest, the US was raising the specter of Iran as the cause of discontent. Bahrain is a Muslim society in which 65% of its inhabitants are Shiite while the remainder are Sunni. The monarch is Sunni and all power within the nation is in the hands of his family and close associates. Iran has nothing to do with discontent, the issue is power, and power invariably translates into money and who gets the dough.

Of course, in our modern existence, the word, “power” is all too often translated as the word, “oil.” America opposes a tyrant like Muammar Gaddafi while speaking highly about the tyranny of Saudi Arabia which does not even allow a Christian to pray in their nation.