Pray It’s A Boy!

The British newspaper, Independent, recently carried a series dealing with a rather unusual issue pertaining to abortion. The story claimed that it was common among certain ethnic groups in Great Britain to have an abortion if ultra sound indicated the foetus was that of a girl. The British Pregnancy Agency denounced the article as false claiming that sex never was an issue in relation to abortions. Obviously, there is not a survey that can offer absolute evidence that sex plays a role in abortion. However, we have Chinese statistics which clearly prove that more male than female babies are born-statistically impossible. There are similar numbers in India where among many it is common to abort a female foetus if the family wants a male heir.

The Independent interviewed a woman named, Samira, who was born in England of Pakistani heritage. She made clear that her husband wanted an abortion once they discovered she was pregnant with a female child. “I think about running away with her and have the baby elsewhere, but the thing is I can’t leave my children with him. I have my duty to my other children.”

This is anecdotal evidence, but is it true about the story for many women?