Prejudice In Turkey Alive And Well

A study of prejudice in Turkey conducted by the Frekans Research Filed and Data Processing Co. revealed deep seated prejudices among Turks regarding other cultural and religious groups. About 54% said the Alevis who belong to more liberal Muslim beliefs were not regarded as deeply attached the Turkish nation. Only 16% thought Greeks were and 15% thought Armenians and Jews had a deep feeling of belonging to Turkey. When asked where these people should be or not be allowed to work, 55% said they should be kept out of the judiciary, police and the military, 57% said out of any national security agency, and half did not wish them to occupy important government positions.

When asked who they would not like as a neighbor, 57% said an atheist family, 42% did not want Jews in the neighborhood and Christians followed at 35%. The figures reveal that Turkey which seeks entry into the European Union has yet to grapple with the prejudices in their own homeland which might lead to trouble if immigrants could freely enter their land as members of EU nations. An interesting figure is that 76% admitted having no knowledge of Jews but they didn’t want them as neighbors. This suggests ignorance is a major factor in prejudice in Turkey.

  • Alevi

    There is no sunni Turk sunnis ar eno Turk Genetically and cultural real Turks in Turkey are only alevi Qizilbash Turks.

    Ottoman sunni books and goverment archives are full of how to kill Alevi civillians the sunni imams and ottoman goverment even ordered to kill Alevi babies. There are ten thousands of details in th ottoman goverment archives about how to kill Alevis with torture. and for ottomans the word ” Turk ” used as an insult.

    From several ottoman writers you can read this hate ” Even if the turk is your Father kill him kill the young kill the old do not let their babies breath kill the turks where ever you found as the alevi Turkmen Qizilbashes are infidels” These is the sunni mind aganist Alevis and aganist Turks and you can check this from ottoman goverment archives and from the ottoman books you will see that ottomans were usng the the word Turk as an insult and ordering to kill all of the Turks.

    The sunnis are not Turk we Alevis are the real Turks and we pray with turkish music and we pray with Turkish all of the art science and music of the turkish culture belongs to Alevis. the symbols of Turkish music are all of alevi the symbols of Turkish literature are all Alevi Writers and Poets. Even the Alevi Kurds and Alevi zazas pray with Turkish Alevi songs. a

    the sunnis pray in Arabic and they are the grand sons of the slaves of sunni ottomans they ar emixed and they don’t have any culture. Becuase of their pragmatism and brutual sunni violence the world hates them they ar ecalling themselves Turk but in reality they hate turks and most of the sunnis can’t even speak proper Turkish. Sunni life style has nothing to do with Turkish culture too.

    The sunni teror aganist Alevis in Turkey is very brutual especially THE ALEVI GENOCIDE is the biggest uncontinuous Genocide of all times for the last 600 years sunnis are killing us everyday. some times as dosens sometimes as ten thousands. Even now this week lots of Alevis suicide or killed because of the sunni teorist akp organiaations crimes aganist us. th ealevi People ar eforced to go to mosque by sunnis and sunnis force us to liv elike them and they are killing Alevi families including babies with torture but goverment police and courts deny this crimes. some of the killers also helped by EU countires such as Germany France Sweeden UK Belgium I can giv ethe names of the sunni terorists who had took part in Alevi Massacrs such as Sivas Massacre Corum Massacre Gazi Massacre Maras Massacre and now living in Germany UK France Belgium Sweeden Holland as political immigrant.

    The question is why EU UK USA even israil is upporting islamofascist sunnis aganist liberal humanist antiracist Alevis the answer is simple islamofascism is easy to use to destroy a country and EU UK USA and even israil supports sunni terorist groups with guns money and political support aganist Alevis to destroy Turkey.

    sunnis are not Turk!
    sunnis are killing Alevis everyday in Turkey!
    Germany UK USA israel Belgium Holland Sweeden Norway Nato EU are supporting sunni terorist organisations aganist Alevis.

    Result is no one knows about Alevis in Europe and USA how they are oppressed by sunnis. Do you really know what is going on aganist Alevis now in Turkey of course not Western Media do not let you know how your goverments are killing alevi civillians by using sunnis to form an isalmofascist pupet sunni fascist state. There are jsut 30 million Alevi in Turkey we keep this country secularist. The sunnis and EU UK USA NATO and isarel should kill us all first to make Turkey an islamofascist state.

  • http://http//ch Samir S. Halabi

    I don’t see much of a future in the continual existense of the Turkish Jewish community, since Recep Tayyip Erdogan the Islamist Prime Minister took hold of the reins of power. His remarks concerning Israel as murderers of innocent people, when he knows full well that the incident on the Mavi-marmara was caused by hard core trouble makers and supporters of ‘Hamas.’ If Turkey wouldn’t be in the grip of such a pro-Islamist government the other hard core ‘Mavi-Marmara’ pro-islamists woud be now have been tried in a Turkish court of law and when found guilty Incarcerated. The new disgusting anti-Jewish Turkish film which has recently been released ‘valley of The Wolves 2′ depicting a Jewish medical Dr. who slices out the organs of muslims to sell them for a large profit is reminiscent of the Blood libel blamed on the Jews which caused so many innocent jews to be murdered etc. Turkey now is going the same way as those other Islamic states such as Iran.
    It’s ok to murder Jews, but when they fight back every one goes mad with hatred.