President Abbas– Intifada, A Detour In Road To Peace

President Mahmoud Abbas representing the Palestinian Authority made clear his government will not support another Intifada which he believes will only lead to further destruction of Palestine and fail to accomplish the goal of an independent nation. He promised there would not be a third intifada for the simple reason, “we’ve suffered enough.” Abbas made clear “the palestinian people are focused only on the path of peace through negotiations.” He also urged President Obama to follow through with promises the United States would support the concept of negotiations by moving from words to actions.

The tragedy of the Arab people is failing to learn from the examples of Gandhi in India and Martin Luther King in the United States that non-violence is a more powerful weapon than bombs and death. The Palestinian people should take to the streets in the spirit of Martin Luther King and confront Jewish Israelis with the power of love. In so doing, Palestinians will secure the support of most American Jews and compel leaders of Israel to bargain at a table of peace.