President Assad Continues Being President Assad

In reality, there has been slight change in the government of Syria over the past few months despite massive protests and murder of innocent people. The United Nations issued a report condemning Syrian repression as “ruthless” and urging an end to bloodshed. Some believe the latest figure on deaths in that country must exceed 3,000. At least a hundred have been killed just in the past few days.

There are scattered examples of members of the Syrian military who are appalled at the slaughter of their fellow countrymen, but, as of yet, no evidence this feeling might translate into overthrowing the Assad government. Thousands have been wounded, thousands have been jailed, and thousands have been tortured. Of course, President Bush and Vice President Cheney are supporting the right of President Assad to utilize “enhanced interrogation techniques.” After all, there might be a ticking bomb in some well out in the desert that could blow up hundreds of camels!

Turkey increasingly is tightening economic screws and its leaders are frustrated at Assad’s inaction. We should support efforts of Turkey and allow its leaders to lead the process of attaining peace in Syria.