President Assad Kills, Russia Hesitates

President Bashar Assad has one weapon at his command that can always be summoned into action if the United Nations imposes any demands on his repressive regime–Russia. The Russian trade extensively with Syria, they regard this nation as within their sphere of influence, and will veto any attempt to employ sanctions against the Syrian government. President Dimitry Medvedev insisted violence in Syria is the cause of both the government and those being killed. For some reason those who are murdered fight back and this leads the Russian president to urge both sides in the conflict are responsible for the conflict.

A Syrian official, Buthaina Shaaban, supported this concept as to what is occurring in Syria by noting 1,400 have been killed,  seven hundred by each side. Most UN and objective analysts believe 2,600 have died and this figure includes fewer than two hundred Syrian troops.

Russia increasingly is a failed state whenever issues of democracy and human rights are raised. Russia has never been able to make a decision as to whether it was time to end the old USSR and begin a new democratic Russia. As Russian leaders hesitate, the butcher of Damascus continues killing.