President Bush Loses Another Election!

George Bush lost another election, but in his own inimitable style he also won one. A poll conducted by the revealed the president beat out Iran’s President Ahmadinejad and President Musharraf of Pakistan for the right to be considered the least trusted leader in the world. He won this poll by a sweeping 23% of those surveyed who viewed him as the least trusted leader compared to 22% who gave that accolade to Ahmadinejad and 18% to Musharraf. Of course, the poll has yet to hear results from certain areas of west Texas which might well push the President into a comfortable lead of at least 3 or four percentage points. Steven Kull, director of Worldopinion, noted: “While world wide mistrust of George Bush has created a global leadership vacuum, no alternative leader has stepped into the breach.”

It is difficult to know if these results will be proclaimed by George Bush as another “Mission Accomplished” since it has always been his goal to stand apart from the rest of the world’s leaders whom he considers to lack the fighting spirit which has exemplified the Bush administration. Hold it for a moment, we just received poll results from Florida which show…..