President Bush Refuses To Say “Genocide”

President George Bush is never hesitant to blast away at Iranians or Syrians or other evil-doers, but, for some strange reason, he is very shy about employing the word “genocide” when it comes to describing the mass murder in the Ottoman Empire of Armenians. He issued a statement on April 24, which is a day of remembrance for the slaugher, but carefully refrained from including in it the word “genocide.” He expressed the usual hope for better relations between Armenians and Turks and welcomed an open investigation of the past, but his remarks fell far short of what Armenians expect from the leaders of a world power.

The Armenian National Committee of Armenia(ANCA) blasted the American leader: “President Bush today, again resorted to the use of evasive and euphemistic terminology to obscure the full moral, historical and contemporary legal implications of the genocide.” It termed his statement an example of “his eight-year long betrayal of his campaign commitment to properly recognize the Armenian Genocide.”

Armenians are naturally upset that Bush failed to uphold campaign promises, but, then again, so are the American people upset he failed to uphold campaign promises about never getting involved in nation building.