President Chavez Linked To Rebels

President Hugo Chavez is confronted with serious allegations that his administration worked with Clombian guerrillas. Interpol examined laptops and concluded they belonged to the forces of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, a group that Chavez has supported in many ways, but there is now sufficient evidence the support went beyond just words. Chavez immediately went into his defense pose and denounced the laptops and the evidence revealed by Interpol as simply another plot by the United States to discredit his government. He accused Ronald Noble of Interpol of being “an immoral police officer who applauds killers,” a reference to the Colombian attack on guerrilla forces who were hiding in Ecuador.

In one leaked email, a FARC military leader for the Jorge Brigade told the rebel’s governing secretariat he planned to ask for millions of dollars from Chavez which would be repaid upon their seizure of power. Another email from “Ivan” says that “Ivan” who is responsible for Venezuelan Popular Defense Units seeks help in learning FARC guerrilla warfare tactics. The emails indicate Venezuelan officials acted as middlemen to help secure arms from Australian arms dealers.