President Karzai–Ami, Go Home!

President Hamid Karzai has informed the world that his government is perfectly capable of dealing with issues of security in Afghanistan and it is time for other nations to pick up and depart. Well, he actually did not use those exact words. Karazi insists Afghans can handle issues of “security” and all matters related to the defense of his nation so it is time to place control of all security issues in the hands of his own people. If one interprets his comments clearly, he would like the Afghanistan army to assume leadership in the struggle against the Taliban. To support his desire for an “all-Afghan solution,” the president reached out to Taliban leaders and urged them to meet with him so foreigners could be compelled to leave the country. He even promised to deal with “the roots and safe havens” of the insurgency which undoubtedly means neighboring Pakistan.

Perhaps, it is time to allow Afghans to handle the security issue. Obama promised to get the military out of Afghanistan by 2014 so why not expedite the departure by a few years. Afghanistan for Afghans should now become our motto!!